Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Toy Story

Any of you have a boy?  If yes, and within the last twelve years, then I'd bet you know what's going on in this picture - 

uh huh

"To Infinity and Beeyonnnnnd"

We're just starting our second round of Toy Story addiction at our house.  My little man is nearly two (sniff sniff) and so the fascination with Buzz, Woody and LGM has begun.  My twins were Toy Story FANATICS.  I mean - biggest biggest fans ever.  So, needless to say, I am quite versed in Toy Story lines.  Watching those movies 892 times, playing with every TS toy available and making a trip to Orlando specifically to meet Buzz Lightyear prepared me well for this session.  'Cause this guy can compete with my twins in the Toy Story fanatics category.

We chatted about Buzz, and - {his fave} - Woody through our entire session.  When he got tired - we just bribed him with taking pictures at the end with Woody.  I took him on what must have been the longest walk he's ever had to take to retrieve Woody out of the car for pictures.  He even tolerated three outfit changes - all for a picture with Woody.  What he didn't see were all the adults on the street who were walking in circles so they could watch him and giggle.  Or the people in the shops who came to the windows to watch him.  What an entertainer!  He was full of knowledge to share with me - some about TS and some about other important issues (like his boat shoes).

Thanks for our adventure-filled walk "M."  And Happy 3rd Birthday!

Now - I just need to convince my kids to let me watch a few princess movies so I know what I'm talking about for all those girl sessions.  Needless to say - we're lacking in the princess category at our house!  Ha ha - oh right... can't you just hear me on Friday movie night "ok boys - we're gonna watch Cinderella"    Riiiigggghhhht.

and dddrrrummmrolllllllllllllllllll...

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