Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gotta love Kansas City

I moved here from Houston, TX.  I clearly remember the day my husband told me there was a job he felt he should take in Kansas City.  

"Ummm... Kansas City?  As in cold, weird architecture, small city, COLD Kansas City?"  I wasn't sure about leaving Texas behind to come to Kansas.  Who moves to Kansas?!  What in the world would I DO in Kansas?  Besides freeze, of course.

That was 7 years ago.  I can now say that I love Kansas City, still love and miss Texas, but truly love KC.  I was wrong about KC.  Well, mostly.  It IS cold (some of you who have moved here from further North think I'm nuts... but anything below 50 degrees is COLD to a Texan!)  But, it turns out, lots of people move to Kansas City.  The people here are from everywhere and are amazingly kind.  And while it is a smaller city than Houston (to be fair, there are only 3 US cities bigger than Houston), I now realize that it is the perfect size city (ummm, no traffic...helllloooo)

The other problems I had with moving to KC fall right into this sneak peek.  Let's start with architecture.  Ok - now I STILL have a major distaste for the "face houses" as my husband and I call them.  If you live here and you don't know what I'm talking about - look around as you drive through some neighborhoods.  There are these houses that have two windows squarely above the garage door and weird architectural stuff above the windows.  It looks like a huge face staring back at you.  But beyond the face houses we have amazing architecture.  Downtown, Brookside, Freight House District, West Bottoms etc ... and the best of all... The Plaza.  Seven years later, I am still in awe of that place.  Moving on to the cold - without the cold we wouldn't have the amazing fall weather.  And to be honest, I adore a good snowstorm.  And finally, would would I DO in Kansas?  Well... let's see...

Enjoy the sneak peek "M" family! (yes you've seen them recently - this was just session 2 for their fall pix).

Also - forgot to mention in the last entry - thanks a million to my dear photog friend Kami Brady for loaning out her gorgeous red chair!


Kim said...

LOVE them! I love the one of them looking at the fountain! It's just what envisioned. You are amazing with the camera and with your special touch with my children whom call you by Name as you were their best friend :-) Thanks for the sneak peak, I've been super curious.

Anonymous said...

The "M" kiddos are looking super cute these days!! Good luck "K" choosing-