Thursday, October 29, 2009

Her Color is Purple

A girl... A GIRL came into the studio!  A NEWBORN GIRL!!

And she has an older sister.

So, apparently, older sister "A" decided that baby sister "C" needed her own specific color.  "A's" color is {clearly} pink.  Obviously.  But "C" needed her own color - so "A" decided her color would be purple.  Her color is purple.  Cracks me up.

While working on these photos, I was wondering - what does purple mean?  I know that red represents emotional intensity and supposedly makes you hungry.  Yellow is joy and research suggests that a yellow room will cause arguments (contradictory isn't it?).  Pink is everything girly - and this month we know it as the color for breast cancer awareness.  Black is for mourning.  Orange is for deceit and distrust (hilarious if you know my college football preferences).

So purple? They say it represents royalty, holiness, romance and happiness.

Miss "C" needed a news bulletin about happiness the day of our session.  This is what "C" thinks of picture day...

Poor mommy... big sister was the same way at her newborn session.  Despite our best efforts sometimes they are just cranky for picture day.  It's ok - 'cause I'm more than happy to work with it.  It's easy to be patient with a baby when you aren't the one losing sleep every night.  That's my job.  Baby calmer.  Mommy calmer.  Baby whisperer is what this mom whispered to me as I got Miss "C" to sleep 5 minutes before the session was over (then held the shutter button down).

I don't know about baby whisperer.  But please don't be afraid to bring a baby that might be fussy.  I can work with it.  Especially if her color is purple.

And by the way - they grow out of it.  Just look at big sister - clearly she is past being cranky for the camera.


This time of year is when we photogs are swamped with family sessions.  The rest of the year we mostly focus on the kids... but between September and November we see the whole group come together for photos.  It's always entertaining from behind the lens.  Families are so interesting.

So, as I was putting this sneak peek together I was thinking I should look up some quotes about families.  Wow - have you ever done that?  You could spend a month reading the family quotes and do nothing else.  I found a few that seem appropriate (cleary I did NOT read them all - I don't have 5 minutes much less a month).

So, in honor of family portrait season...

"When you look at your life the greatest happinesses are family happinesses" {joyce brothers}

Isn't this true?  I mean, I've heard some family stories that don't really involve much happiness.  They exist for sure.  But really... most of us can say that the happiest moments of our lives are moments with all or part of our family.  Family is so important.  I've always believed this, but have learned to truly cherish family moments this year.  So - whether or not you have family portraits scheduled soon... you will most certainly be spending a lot of time with family in the upcoming months.  Soak it in.  Love it.  Laugh.  Give 'em a hug.  Sit back and watch the chaos - it really is interesting.

And because I can't really leave a blog post so serious and sentimental (and because it seem SO appropriate right now with just about everyone I know being sick)...

"A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women an occasional animal and the common cold"  {ogden nash}

oh - and a very popular one which holds such truth...

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts." {unknown}

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just 'Cause

I couldn't resist.

You've already seen their sneak peek - but as I'm finishing up the proofs I just HAD to share this one.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Baby Boys of 2009

If you follow this blog, you know that I have had a LOT more baby boys this year than baby girls.  So, as I was getting this sneak peek ready, I was thinking... am I the only one who has noticed this?  Is it a coincidence or were there really more baby boys this year than baby girls?

So I Googled it {of course}

Here's what I found...
The University of Georgia apparently has research that suggests that there are more baby boys born in colder climates and more baby girls born in tropical climates (not sure we really fall into either of those climates).  And the UN reports an increase in the number of baby boys born in Vietnam.  Last but not least - a woman in Indonesia gave birth to a 19lb baby boy (uhhh - that's not a baby that's a toddler).

Seems like I'm the only one to notice the boy vs girl thing.  I'm gonna conclude it's coincidence.

I'm very scientific you see.

So - here is another sweet baby boy.  Baby "A"  is actually in the minority at his house with one brother and three sisters!

Had to include this one.  You all probably think I'm nuts to photograph a baby in this state.  But, if you think about it - this is how they are born.  This is their first facial expression!  I happen to think it's adorable and special.

Look Alikes

My all-time favorite shows?  Friends and Grey's.  Hands down.  No competition.  Ok- no - Private Practice is close.

So, what are the odds that Courtney Cox and Katherine Heigl would show up in my studio?   In the same year?

Ok - the odds aren't good.  But I DID get Courtney Cox and Katherine Heigl look alikes in the same year.  And they're friends!  Still pretty exciting for me!

Here's Courtney's look-alike from a few months ago...

And last week Katherine's look alike drove down from Omaha to visit the studio.

Grey's AND Friends in one year?  Uh huh ... seriously.   It's *not* that common... and it *is* a big deal.  ha ha.

Now I'm just waiting for a Kate Walsh look-alike to walk through the door           ; )

Friday, October 23, 2009

In defense of red heads

I'm currently working on what feels like a million proofs, sneak peeks, albums, Christmas cards etc.  It's normal for the end of October for every photog out there.  We're all drowning.  Surviving off coffee alone.  For this reason, I won't chat too long on this sneak peek.  I could ... I could talk about a million things here  - mostly how I adore this family.  Always a fun time to do their sessions.  Such a happy and positive little fam!

But I'm gonna use this sweet little girl to defend all red heads out there.  Red heads get a bad rap.  Yes, yes they do.  I mean - think about it.  There's the phrase "Red Headed Step Child."  Then there's the jokes - "what do you call a redhead with an attitude?  normal."  Oh and let's not forget Carrot top - sorry buddy but you're not helping the image.  Then there's the conflicting stereotypes - red heads have attitudes but red heads are shy too?  Isn't that a little difficult to accomplish?  

Red heads hold a special spot in my heart.  I have two little red heads and I used to be one (maybe I will be again... hmmm... might have to chat with my genius hairstylist about that).  All the red heads I know are quite sweet.  This little girl is a prime example.  Sweet sweet sweet.  Attitude?  mmm - maybe.  But it's the funny-she's going somewhere with her life-kind of attitude.  Shy?  Umm no - not at all.  Just look at her - doesn't she just change everything you ever believed about red heads?!

ok - enough defending the red headed population out there - I'm off for some more coffee.  again.