Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dogs in Our Lives

The second most common question I get is ... "Can we bring our dog to our session?" ... the answer is yes! 

{The most common question I get is "Do you photograph weddings?" ... the answer is no.  (but my dear friend Jamie does ... so call her if you need a fantastic wedding photog)}

Ok, wait.  The answer to "can we bring our dog" is maybe.  Is your dog friendly and leash-trained?  Then yes!  
Is your dog wild, scared of people and unable to be controlled on a leash?  Then no, please don't.  And - obviously - if your dog has a biting problem please please don't bring it (even if it's a little dog.  biting is biting and I can't have that liability).

I'm not sure if there are other pets that would be photogenic - but if you have one and you would like to try - I'm up for it. 

Except for snakes.  I won't do snakes.  No way.  No how.  No.  Sorry. {shivers}

So that brings me to this sneak peek (not the snake part - the dog part).  The "R" family met me at the park Saturday morning with their sweet dog "B" in tow.  I love that they brought the dog!  It's certainly not the first time the family dog has been included in one of my sessions.  But, I get this question so often that I thought I should just make an example out of Miss "B."  And who wouldn't want to make an example out of "B?"  She's one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met.  And funny - really funny.

So, if you feel up to the challenge - bring your dog to your session!  It's not always a guaranteed shot (we could not, for our lives, get a picture of "B" with her little girl - who happen to be best best buddies) - but I will try my very best!

Thanks for spending a chilly morning with me "R" family!  I had a great time!

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Anonymous said...

these ROCK--Amazing Pics-Carmen, you nail the family shoots-