Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are You Ready?

For Holiday Season? Ready for the craziness?

Yeah, me either.

But it's almost here. A few more days and Labor Day will be past us and thus the official start to Holiday Season in the children photography biz.

There are changes coming for Holiday Season. New things to talk about and older things to wish goodbye. (much like my life with a 2yr old at the moment...hello binky(paci)-free life...goodbye naptime).

We'll chat about these things very soon. Meanwhile, take a moment to peek through a sweet little 1yr old. She loves her pearls...good girl!

look at that look she's giving us - knows she shouldn't put the necklace in her mouth but let's be honest...she's 1...she's gonna do it anyway
hmmm...doesn't taste as good as expected

a happy birthday girl

cupcakes and piggies

Friday, August 6, 2010

I Have a Good Attitude!

It seems it's true.

It must be ... 'cause a 7yr old said so.

That makes me smile.

But it seems that I also have great tone.
A 6yr old said so. (she was referring to my voice and inflection...not so much my abs...which, ironically have zero tone thanks to two other 7yr olds I know)

That makes me laugh.

These sweet girls should have a talk with my boys...'cause MY 7yr olds don't seem to share these beliefs. HA! I wonder why that would be? *snark*

I met the "H" family last weekend. What fun we had! I was the lucky recipient of a modeling show, a concert and enormous amounts of very important information. And questions...do people live in these buildings? Why is the glass broken? What's that? Do we get to go to another spot? Isn't this FUN? {why yes, cute girl, it IS}

And Santa made a stop.
ok just kidding... but you'd think that's who had just pulled up
it was the train - what excitement over the train!

Thanks for a great evening "H" family!
Now. Speaking of a good attitude... just a reminder that the studio is currently closed. Sure, I'm still working - but it's all catch-up in order to save my sanity when holiday season starts up next month. I'll be in and out of the office at not-normal hours. 'Cause I'm trying to save my good attitude! If you need to get in touch with me - the most effective way is to send me a text message or email. I will get back to you just as soon as I take a breath and put my coffee cup down ; )

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The First Fall Image and Curls

Ok, well it's sorta the first Fall image. They were wearing Fall clothes and we shot in the morning and it gave those first images a warm glow... so it's the first Fall image...even though it was shot in the crazy heat of August. {crazy} HEAT.

But you know what heat & humidity give us? Adorable baby curls. That's what.

Little guy gave us a few images in his Fall gear (as Mom & Dad were melting...hey, I was melting and I was in a tank top!)

But then we had to switch out to summer appropriate gear.

And as the heat began to take it's toll on all of us...

we moved on to less clothing (for the BABY...geez people) and a little sugar.

'cause sugar makes just about everyone a little happier...even in this crazy heat.

Happy Birthday Baby "W!"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fall Books Open Today at 10am!

Fall bookings are open at 10:00am {central time}

Email, text or call with the dates you are interested in. First come, first serve!

Let the madness begin!