Friday, July 31, 2009

I shoot for a living

I had the pleasure of shooting another sweet little arrival.

{ok - wait - quickly}...
Isn't it strange that we photographers find ourselves shooting babies?  Shooting people?  I always get strange looks when I say I'm shooting someone and I'm not around other photogs (or my dear husband who has become so accustomed to my strange language that he doesn't even blink anymore).  I have, of course, thought that there MUST be a better word to use.  I photographed them ... I captured them ... these are all much better expressions.  But boring - I mean, really - let's be honest.  It's kinda boring.  So, after much deliberation - I have decided to stick with shooting people.  That's right people - I shoot babies.  I shoot kids too - and families...

Maybe I should lay off the coffee and get more sleep ...

ANYWAY - so back to the baby of it all...  This little man was so sweet.  Sometimes we get smiles from newborns - not often, but sometimes.  This guy though - he smiled through most of his session.  Bless his heart - he's gonna be a charmer.  Smiles and hair - lots of hair.  Maybe he'll be the next McDreamy?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Full Of...

This is the same little guy from the sneaky sneak peek.  I mentioned that he was such a star that I just couldn't resist opening a few files before I left for vacation.  Well, now that I'm home, here's a few more peeks from his session.

Mr "M" arrived wearing what must be the cutest onesie I've ever seen.  Although not intended to be part of the shoot - I HAD to photograph this.  So funny and appropriate...

I know the pix on here are a bit small, so let me translate his outfit.  Full of Life, Full of Love, Full of...


I found that he is full of more than life, love and umm ... yes - anyway.  As you can see... he is chalk full of personality and charm.  Watch out girls.  Thanks Mr "M" for cooperating and charming me so!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Big Green Ugly ... and a naming contest

There is a new member to the CCPhotodesign family... right now we refer to it as The Big Green Ugly.  It's my new outdoor photo couch.  It's not something you would put in your living room - well, I don't think so anyway.  BUT it's a great architectural funky little thing to put outside for pictures.

I, of course, drug my kids outside immediately to take some quick shots of it.  A DISCLAIMER HERE - please please do not think these are ideal outfits for a photoshoot.  It's just what the kids had on at the moment.  If I had made them go inside and change into appropriate outfits - well the meltdowns would have been so severe I never would have gotten a shot of the ugly thing!

So - imagine your family on this, in a the lakeside... etc etc.  It will make a great statement for fall pix (imagine the orange leaves behind this thing!) ... OR a fantastic Christmas pic.  Mention it when you book if you would like your session to include the The Big Green Ugly (of course - your entire session won't be on it - I just need to know if I need to plan on loading it up or not).

And, finally... I want to start a new thing for the studio.  I'm going to name each big piece I get for the studio.  Why not?!  So let's have a naming contest for The Big Green Ugly!  Submit your ideas in the comments section below!  The winner will receive a free 16x20 from their next session!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Sneaky Sneak Peek (and vacation)

I will be on vacation Thursday, July 16th through Monday afternoon, July 20th.  All email and voicemail will be answered Monday evening.

Which leads me to the sneaky sneak peek ... little Mr "M" was in the studio today paying me a visit.  Usually, I post sneak peeks a few days after your session but since I will be on vacation I told "M"s mom that it would be next week before I could get a sneak peek up for her.

Well, let me just tell you that "M" was quite the little star today and I simply could NOT resist opening two files tonight.  So, "M" ... here's a very quick pre-sneak peek - 

The Snap Workshops

I've already chatted with a few of you about this - and yes, it has taken me months to get it scheduled.  Summer wasn't supposed to be so insanely busy (but thank you for making it so!)!

CCPhotodesign will now offer workshops for those of you who want to take better pictures with your Digital SLR.  Now, please read the following statement closely - 

*This is NOT a workshop for Pros or the aspiring photographer*

This is a workshop for those of you (most of you are Moms) who simply want to learn how to take better snapshots with your digital SLR.  Many of you have called me asking for advice on which SLR to purchase - because you were fed up with the point and shoot.  Problem is - SLRs can be a little overwhelming when you first pick one up.  Let me help you!

We will cover basic camera functions, basic printing info and basic light info.  We'll start in the studio and then we will move outside to practice on a few models (children, of course).  The workshop fee includes dinner and a reference card pack to take home with you.  Spaces are limited to allow interaction.

The first Snap Workshop will be Friday, August 21st from 5:00pm to 8:30pm
Workshop fee is $70 and is due at the time of your reservation.
Workshop fees are non-refundable.
Please call or email to reserve your spot!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How do you know...

...when a newborn session is over?...

yup...that's a pretty good sign

Do I torture them?  Certainly not!  They have a nice warm spot on the very beanbag my own kids have been banned from touching AND they are the center of attention for at least two hours. Not to mention any little cry and they are offered a feeding or some holding time.  They are encouraged to sleep.  Come to think of it - I think I might like to switch positions with them for a try.

Now that I've reassured you that I most certainly do not torture the newborns who come to see me ... let me introduce you to someone who might argue my point.  Sweet, soft and very new ... and not very interested in spending his afternoon with me and my lights, thank you very much.  That's ok though - 'cause I can work with the ones that would rather be anywhere else.  I can and I did ... and this is what I got...

see... it wasn't so bad was it sweet boy?

and now... because it is 2:45am ... I agree with you, little one!  I'm off to bed too.  Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Eyelashes

You all know him - well know his face anyway - 'cause everyone everyone notices this little boy's lashes.  He payed me a visit again last week.  Oh the lashes.

I should say something about his sweet personality too - I mean all we ever talk about are his lashes.  So - you should also know that he is so so sweet.  I found out this time that he really likes "choo choo" trains.  I'm not sure I've heard someone so little say choo choo before - hilarious.  But, while he likes choo choo trains, nothing makes him smile like his grandpa's sneezes.  Grandpa doesn't know it yet - but he is now required to come along on all of "B"'s sessions!

Enjoy your sneak peek "S" family!  And thanks for a great Saturday morning at the Market!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's a Girl!

Look at that!  That's the first time I've ever typed that phrase!

Seriously, I've had a looonnggg streak of newborn boys here in the studio.  The streak was broken this week by baby "L."  So petite and girly!  And she has the sweetest flirt of a big brother!

Thanks "G" family for spending your afternoon with me ... oh, and for giving me the chance to hold a baby girl ; )  Enjoy your sneak peek ... proofs will be up soon.

just had to add this one... for a laugh

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Fun

Another quick post - have to make 'em quick lately 'cause I'm so far behind!  Trying to catch up for all of my dear clients.  As I'm swimming in work - I'd like to thank all of you for making it a busy summer in spite of the recession!

This family visits me every summer and I always have a great time at their session.  A nature-loving outdoor family and kids with giant personalities!  What a crack-up!

Loved our time together "D" family!  Thank you for your patience with me!  Proofs will be up later tonight!  Hope you are enjoying your time in my favorite state!