Friday, February 19, 2010

the thoughts behind the camera

Ever wonder what we {photogs} are thinking when we're hidden behind our camera? Why do we shoot the shots we do? It's no secret we see things others don't. We notice things you may not realize are even there. It's just the way our brains work. Our own personalities and life experiences certainly influence our work. We are, quite obviously, a visual group. Numbers don't really make sense to us but the way the sunlight falls on an object - now THAT makes sense. The curve in a branch reminding us of the curve of a newborn curled into a ball - absolutely.

So, I was thinking - for this particular sneak peek - maybe I'll just walk you through what I was thinking. Some are a little out-there, some profound and some don't involve much brain activity at all.

this one was an accident - well, sorta. I was moving him around, trying to get him situated & calmed down (we had just started). as I was fixing something behind him I looked up and saw this. a different angle, the light falling across his face - I loved it. makes me think of the moment my twins were born - with the bright lights of the OR shining on them. Also makes me think of God's light shining down on a newborn (I TOLD you some of this might be kinda out there)

the belly button is often looked at as such a silly body part. and it is. but I can't help but see my own kids' belly buttons and think- that was our connection - just something between me and that particular baby. so I shot this, as a tribute for baby "T"'s mama and all her hard work over the last 9 months. as a reminder of their connection.

the little guy heard my shutter go off as I was shooting the first shot and turned and flashed this smile.
no thought here, people. a baby's smile is all that needs to be said. is there anything sweeter in this world?

this wagon gets a lot of attention. yes, it IS an original Radio Flyer - handed down through my husband's family. this shot was set up thinking of a boy and his Radio Flyer. in near years he will go from this shot -
to riding in it as his parents pull him to the pool and park -
to standing in it, holding onto the handle and flying down a hill as if it were a snowboard or racecar
{you mommies of boys know exactly what I'm talking about}

ha ha - this... well THIS was one of my fourteen billion failed attempts at a particular shot. however I laughed so hard at his expression - I just HAD to use it. like "ohhh geeez ladies how long do we have to keep shooting?"
it must be hard to be such an adored little hunk.

if you know me at all, you know I love humor. outtakes are some of my fave shots evvvvver.
he gave me this look as I was trying to get him to go to sleep.
moms know this will not be the last time he shoots this look when someone wants him to go to sleep.

so often people want me to center everything in the shot. for future reference - photogs hate it when people want everything centered always. blehhh. I mean - there are certainly times for centered shots. plenty. but look at how much more interesting this is with the empty space next to him. instead of seeing a face smack center in the page...
your eye starts on the left and goes straight to those eyes. I mean just look at those eyes!

one of my absolute favorite things about babies is the shape their lips make right after you take a pacifier or bottle out of their mouth. it's distinct to babies. they won't make that face for very long. soak it in.

I wrapped his hat to provide a line for your eye to follow - to slowly take in all the little baby parts.
it starts at his head - bringing attention to his little nose, then moves on to his tiny shoulder blades,
up and around to the toes and then back down to those chubby baby thighs.

a peace sign and a sleeping baby - need I really say more?

a cute little face - no brain power behind this shot!

So there you have it. The thoughts behind the camera - well for this session anyway. Are you surprised at how we think? A little afraid of us right-brained people? Or do you see things you didn't see before?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Love Story for Valentine's Day

I really wanted to get this out on the blog for Valentine's Day - looks like I'll make it by about one minute! {if I type fast}

A tiny disclaimer here...I am still a children's photographer. Only children. But sometimes, you just can't pass up the opportunity to do something like this. Besides...everyone needs to stretch their brain a little every now and then. And why not use a love story to exercise the right side of my brain?!

Now, as you look through should know that this is the real deal people. No re-staging. No pretend. No dress-rehearsal. The real deal. What a smart man to make sure I was there to catch it all on camera!

Now - please allow me to be the first to ask the single most annoying question that immediately follows the uhhh...when are you having a baby?! {now c'mon, you know I had to ask's my job} *wink wink* Don't answer me! Just call me when you do!

ohhhh...I didn't type fast enough now did I?! Well, Happy Valentine's Day anyway!