Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Girl's Image

You may have noticed by now ... I'm not a very serious person.  I don't really like to be serious.  It's not much fun.

But there are a few things I'm serious about.  God, Family, Country for sure.  Then there are my issues that I stand on "my box" about. 

I just want to chat a bit about one of those issues.  Image.  Self Esteem.  I'm talking to you GIRLS.  I see this happening to girls and women everywhere - but especially in front of my camera.  You see what's on TV and in the movies.  What's in the ads.  You see it and you compare yourselves to it.  It's a dangerous game.  Then you either won't get in front of the camera or when you do you're uncomfortable and judge yourselves so harshly.

Now I'm not saying makeup and stylists are a no.  I've actually got a bit of a different take on the whole issue.  I say use them!  I say put the makeup on ... dress yourself nicely.  If that's you.  Don't avoid those TV shows and ads.  But know that the girls in those have had excessive makeup and stylists.  They ate a carrot for lunch today and will have a celery stalk on their way to their 3 hour appointment with their trainer.  They've also been in front of an artist digitally for several hours.

It's easy to preach it.  It is.  Here's what's not easy.  Following the advice.  I catch myself frowning at the image in the mirror.  Frustrated with imperfections.  Worse are the images that come back from the camera.  Mirrors, apparently, lie.  The camera does not.  Or maybe it does?  Whatever the case is  - I never like the images of myself - I'm overweight, my skin needs help and that dress is not as cute as it looked in the mirror.  In my mind.  Not my friends' mind, not my husband's not my kids' not my parents' or my brothers'.  Just mine.

You know something? I'll look back at these pictures in a few years and not notice those things.  I will only see my life right now... frozen in time.  And I will love it.  If I avoid the camera or don't print the images I can't look back later.

What's worse is that my kids hear me complain about myself - see me avoid the camera.  They soak it in.  I don't want them to.  So I better get over myself and get in front of the camera.

We should be worried about our children.  Especially the girls.  They need to know they are beautiful.  Regardless of their pant size, their skin or how much makeup they have on that day.  Regardless of what somebody else thinks.  We need them to know they are beautiful to us and to God.

OK.  So I took a lot longer getting to this sneak peek than I intended (I'm bad about getting on boxes and not getting down). "K" is not a newborn.  "K" isn't a senior and it's not "K"s 1st birthday.  "K" did not come to see me with her family for Christmas cards.  So why would "K"s mom schedule a session just for her?  Because she has changed a lot since her last professional portrait.  Because her family would like to freeze her in time.  Because she is Beautiful.

Don't be afraid to get in front of the camera girls (ummm... adult girls too).  Don't be afraid to call and schedule a session for you or your daughter just because it would be fun.  Just because it would make them feel good about themselves.  Just because you are beautiful.

By the way - did you know that if you go to Dove's website you can enter a Dove UPC and they will donate $1 to their self esteem programs?  Yea Dove for promoting self esteem for women and girls!

"Hey "K" - stop right there and jump for me"
{K} - "are you kidding?  omg really?"

she did it in spite of how embarrassing it may have been!  ; )

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