Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A very quick sneak peek tonight! This sweet little guy has been coming to see me for the last year. Can't believe he's 1! We spent Friday morning playing outside and then headed into the studio for some cake. He's a crack-up! Thanks for sharing your cake with me "C!"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another sweet baby

I keep telling you!  It's a baby boom!  Here's another sweet little guy.  Only a few days old in these pix.  So sweet and sleepy and squishy!  Love 'em like that!

A lot of you ask what a session looks like when it is shot in the clients' home instead of the studio.  Well, here's an example.  Because of a c-section, I traveled to their home for the session.

Thanks "B" family for having me!  I am just finishing up the details on your proofs and will have them posted very soon!


So you think your kid is the only one that melts down at my sessions?  HA!  Just about every session has a meltdown.  Most of the time it's the kids - sometimes it's the parents.  They are all usually funny to me ('cause it's not my kids - trust me I understand why you're frustrated! I wouldn't laugh if it was mine melting) and the moment passes and we get great shots of them anyway (well, 99% of the time).

So, sometimes I go ahead and keep shooting through a meltdown.  Most of the time you are shocked when I do this.  Then you laugh at the pic in the proofs.  So - I thought I would share a few meltdowns! (and some great shots from the same session to prove that we really CAN get great shots even if they melt!)

This is a follow-up post from the previous post.  Same three kiddos.  Love 'em!

meltdown #1
meltdown #2
happy again!

ahhh... jeans, a tutu, fake beads and an old red trike ... what more does a girl need?

did I mention these guys are cousins - one month apart
and... drumrollllll... meltdown #3 (i.e.... how you know when the shoot is OVER!)