Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Baby Boys of 2009

If you follow this blog, you know that I have had a LOT more baby boys this year than baby girls.  So, as I was getting this sneak peek ready, I was thinking... am I the only one who has noticed this?  Is it a coincidence or were there really more baby boys this year than baby girls?

So I Googled it {of course}

Here's what I found...
The University of Georgia apparently has research that suggests that there are more baby boys born in colder climates and more baby girls born in tropical climates (not sure we really fall into either of those climates).  And the UN reports an increase in the number of baby boys born in Vietnam.  Last but not least - a woman in Indonesia gave birth to a 19lb baby boy (uhhh - that's not a baby that's a toddler).

Seems like I'm the only one to notice the boy vs girl thing.  I'm gonna conclude it's coincidence.

I'm very scientific you see.

So - here is another sweet baby boy.  Baby "A"  is actually in the minority at his house with one brother and three sisters!

Had to include this one.  You all probably think I'm nuts to photograph a baby in this state.  But, if you think about it - this is how they are born.  This is their first facial expression!  I happen to think it's adorable and special.

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Brandi Hammel said...

Awesome as usual! Can't wait to see the rest!