Friday, October 23, 2009

In defense of red heads

I'm currently working on what feels like a million proofs, sneak peeks, albums, Christmas cards etc.  It's normal for the end of October for every photog out there.  We're all drowning.  Surviving off coffee alone.  For this reason, I won't chat too long on this sneak peek.  I could ... I could talk about a million things here  - mostly how I adore this family.  Always a fun time to do their sessions.  Such a happy and positive little fam!

But I'm gonna use this sweet little girl to defend all red heads out there.  Red heads get a bad rap.  Yes, yes they do.  I mean - think about it.  There's the phrase "Red Headed Step Child."  Then there's the jokes - "what do you call a redhead with an attitude?  normal."  Oh and let's not forget Carrot top - sorry buddy but you're not helping the image.  Then there's the conflicting stereotypes - red heads have attitudes but red heads are shy too?  Isn't that a little difficult to accomplish?  

Red heads hold a special spot in my heart.  I have two little red heads and I used to be one (maybe I will be again... hmmm... might have to chat with my genius hairstylist about that).  All the red heads I know are quite sweet.  This little girl is a prime example.  Sweet sweet sweet.  Attitude?  mmm - maybe.  But it's the funny-she's going somewhere with her life-kind of attitude.  Shy?  Umm no - not at all.  Just look at her - doesn't she just change everything you ever believed about red heads?!

ok - enough defending the red headed population out there - I'm off for some more coffee.  again.


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