Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mirror Image

Are you ever out and about and see someone... and you think "oh...that must be what I look like." Now, I don't mean your physical appearance. I mean - like when I see a mother with infant twins - I think "oh...that must have been what I looked like when the twins were little." {that would be tired, wearing sweats and balancing two babies and two bottles while pushing a shopping cart}.

When this family showed up for their session - I thought "oh! this is exactly opposite of what my family must look like!" Three girls. Girly girly girls. Basically the same ages as my kids. So, I guess that wouldn't be opposite - but follow with me anyway. The girls hugged each other, sang, danced and had plenty of information on Hannah Montana to share with me. Now see - I told you - opposite. My boys wrestle, make strange noises and have plenty of information on Star Wars. {don't read this wrong - I still LOVE being a boy momma}

The other opposite? These three were perfectly well behaved. Mine {lately} have been perfectly naughty.

I won't elaborate any more. It's 2am. On Sunday. On Thanksgiving weekend. I am now headed to bed people! "T" family, enjoy your sneak peek and thank you for a fun afternoon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Twas the Month Before Christmas...

When all through Johnson County
Moms are begging for smiles
with suckers and candy

The children are all dressed
in red down to their toes
and I and my Canon...

are gonna need a long winter's nap

{sorry - my brain is too fried to come up with something that rhymes with toes at the moment}

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daddy's Boy

Not often you hear that phrase is it? Daddy's girl ... Momma's boy - those are the phrases we're used to hearing. And it's usually quite true. Why is it that little boys love their mommas so - and little girls melt their fathers in an instant? One of the wonders of the world.

But this little guy - he is absolutely enamored with his father. Now, don't get me wrong - clearly he loves his Momma. He flashes a huge grin when he catches a glimpse of her. But people - he looks at his Dad with the adoration and amusement you'd expect to see in a Norman Rockwell painting. It's such a {I wanna be JUST like him} look.

This session reminded me of the phrase {or is it a poem?}...
"When you thought I wasn't looking... I looked"

Check it out! I can roll over!
{btw-the backdrop is much more interesting than the crazy lady with the camera}

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Waiting on Santa {better not pout}

Doesn't this look like they fell asleep waiting to catch a glimpse of the man in the red suit?!

The leaves have fallen and we are now past the fall sessions. The much-coveted fall color photos have been shot and are being processed. The Christmas preparations have begun and the children now show up for their sessions - not talking about pumpkins and costumes - but chatting with me about Santa. Will he come? What would he like to snack on when he makes his stop at their house? {sugar cookies and Starbucks of course} What will he bring?

If you ask my kids - he's not stopping at our house. Santa sent an official notification this morning that my children have been moved to the naughty list. They have one month to redeem themselves. Am I an evil Mom? Probably. Will Santa appear at our house? Of course he will.

Will Santa appear at your house? Santa makes deliveries for big kids too, you know. It turns out that I am an official Santa Elf for big kids. Is a session with me on someone's list that you know? I have gift certificates officially approved by Santa's staff. Already had a session but someone you know wants that huge canvas from the session? I can help. Want a great grandparent gift? Oh I have plenty of those. Men - want the easiest Christmas gift you've ever given your wife? Call me - I know what she wants. We'll take care of your Mom too, while we're at it. The best part? No malls. Just a phone call or email.

So will Santa appear for these girls? Oh, I'm sure he will. Some of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. Of course, I'm biased. They were also one of my very first clients ever. And they happen to have terrific parents whom we are so blessed to have as dear friends. Thank you, "L" family, for allowing me to {once again} photograph your beautiful family. We had fun. I'll be picking confetti up off my floor for the next three years. I found some in my studio refrigerator the other day. I laughed - sounded a little like "HO HO HO". Oh wait - that's Santa's laugh - I'm an elf. What does an Elf's laugh sound like?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Writer's Block

I have it.

Fascinating, I know.

I could sit here and rack my brain - read a million things - come up with something. But - you may have heard - I've got a bit of a time problem on my hands. {Thank you very much old hard drive}

So instead of spending time pulling on my brain - which happens to be a bit taxed at the moment - I will simply leave you with a sneak peek.

And a thank you to the dear "V" family for their patience. They had to wait longer than usual to see their sneak peek because of the whole- I don't have a computer- thing. While I'm at it - thanks to ALL of my dear clients for their patience during this ordeal!

one of my all-time faves. she's so stinkin' cute

see - I told you she was cute. this makes me smile
even on a not-so-great week