Monday, July 12, 2010

Typical Oklahoma {Travel}

In every state I have lived or visited (other than California) I have heard this expression -

"if you don't like the weather, wait 5'll change"

But none of these places can hold this expression as true as Oklahoma.

I made a trip to Oklahoma recently - my "Oklahoma Tour." The first session I shot held true to what I know about the Sooner State. We started out with amazingly warm, humid air (can't believe I just called it humid in Oklahoma...forgive me Texas)...within minutes it got super dark and then
windy. Having not lived in Oklahoma for nearly 12 years now, I panicked a little about the darkness ... and the wind... and the nasty looking clouds. It's hard to re-schedule a session during an out-of-state tour, you know. But clearly I had forgotten about the weather in Oklahoma. Ten minutes later the wind died down and the temp had dropped to a very amazingly comfortable point. The sun came out. Then the sun disappeared...then out ... and then it started to rain. Not too hard - so we kept shooting for a few more minutes (if you look close at the shot of the kids on the brick can see rain drops falling).

Now, I had promised the kids they could play with bubbles at the end - (yes, I bribe) and as we were walking back toward the cars...

Are you from Oklahoma?

Yes? Then you probably know what happened next.

No? Oh - well then let me tell you - a huge bolt of lightning jumps out of the sky.

yeah, so no bubble shots. sorry.

I sent the bubbles home with the kiddos and, as the door to their car was closing, I heard this - "Mom! Can we play with the bubbles
in the house?!"

Sorry again - this time to their Mom.

Thank you for rolling with the weather we were handed "K" family! I had a fantastic time!

he was a very busy guy during our session - I put him in charge of taking photos of me

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