Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Outta here ... almost

This will be quick - hard to believe - but I don't have a lot of words in me today.

I know, weird.

But I'm trying to get everything done that absolutely must be done before we leave {again}.

Yes, I said we're leaving again. But this time is vacation - not work. Ahhhh. Four days of non-computer bliss. My eyes will thank me. My back will thank me. My neck...well, no, my neck will not thank me because I will most likely cause some damage to it while doing something completely un-intelligent behind a boat. But most importantly, my kids will thank me. They haven't seen much of me lately, and for that I feel terrible. So off we're headed to one of my favorite un-plugged spots.

But not 'til I share these and one more little peek coming later tonight.

Welcome to the world sweet, smiley baby "C"

And, can I just say -
oh my goodness the flower hat...the FLOWER HAT. luv. If I had a girl...she most certainly would have worn hats like this every single day.

the faces this girl made were hilarious - watch my facebook fan page for a series of her funny faces next week

this was her preferred position - a bit problematic for me
can YOU sleep with your toes up by your eye?

this is a handmade sweater (a kimono??) ... sewn for baby "C" by a friend in Japan.
Look for another shot of her in this at her 6 month session!

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