Thursday, July 15, 2010

outta here ... for real

Ok...this time I really am outta here... for a few days. I will be in my un-plugged location.

Seriously - phones usually don't work, no tv, no computer. un.plugged.

everyone say it with me ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

My shoulders just relaxed.

oh - wait - except that I'm not packed. and it's 3:45. and we're leaving at 9:00.

shoulders back up by my ears.

By the way ... for any creepers out there keeping track of when I'm leaving... these guys live in my yard. And they don't like you.

Ok - so on to a much cuter little guy. Happy Birthday baby "Z!"

he wasn't very interested in wearing his hat

he was less interested in wearing THIS hat ... and even less interested in the boots

THIS he was interested in

and now, my friends, I'm outta here!

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