Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sibling Love {Kansas City Children's Photographer}

As I sit here, processing these images, I am struck by irony.

These kiddos were so very kind to each other. There were lots of hugs and fun games going on at this session. Big kids helped little kids. Encouragement was plentiful. (so was the energy...these three were tough to catch).

So, you ask, where is the irony?

In the room next to my studio is a playroom. In this playroom my three children are currently pounding on each other. For those who haven't caught on...I have three boys. Lots of testosterone in this house. It's not that they don't love each other - it's just that they choose to do so in a much more aggressive manner. For instance, at the moment I hear the youngest screeching "hiiyahhhhhh" and then a bigger kid grunting. This, most likely, means that the baby just jumped with all his effort onto the big kid's back or stomach. He was, obviously, provoked to this point.

So maybe the lack of the one girl has an affect on the chosen method of shown affection? Wait ... no... that's not possible. I was the lone girl amongst my siblings and our chosen method of affection involved a lot of plotting, voting, vetoes, and old-fashioned western-like attacks.

Once, I discovered that if I hid just inside the bathroom door, my brother wouldn't see me as he went running full-force down the hall. I could then stick my arm out the door at precisely the right moment and clothesline him. Feeling bad for him? Don't. He payed me back by repeating this move on me...when his arm was in a cast. I swear I'm not the reason he had a cast (or was I?). Then there's the time that we may (or may not) have convinced our baby brother that he could fly if he jumped off the back of the couch. That ended well. Feeling bad for the my baby brother? No No...he was known to lock himself in closets with our food while a sitter was there. He was also known to hide on the roof or in the bushes by our front porch...just waiting for me to come home from a date. Then there's the fact that he was insanely strong for being the youngest - he chose to use his strength to win battles.

Oh there's so many more stories. Do you have one? Share your fave sibling "love" story in the comments! We could all use a good laugh!

By the way - my brothers are fine today. Whether I turned out fine is still in question. If the answer is that I am not normal...then clearly, I blame my brothers.

I bet these angels' Mom could produce a good story too ... in spite of their amazing behavior at our shoot!

we shot this session in a super cool 111 yr old town {that's a big deal in the midwest}

"Dear Lord, please save me from all these boys"

he wasn't as amused by being put into an old tub on the street as we were by doing it!

He's 1!
And the brick road he's standing on is 97 yrs old!

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