Friday, July 30, 2010

My Dangerous Job

Mhmmm. You read that right. Danger. It surrounds me.

No really.

As I sit here, I can hardly type because I have managed to sustain a neck injury (ok, so it's just a stiff neck...but I prefer to refer to it as a neck injury ok? ok.). The neck injury came from a combo of a newborn shoot and working on my computer too long. Oh yes - no it's true - we photographers have constant neck, back and wrist pain from the computer and the cameras.

I also have knee pain - not because of a long run or something healthy like that - but because I'm so short that my feet don't touch the ground when I sit at my desk...and, as I stated, I've spent too many hours in this little spot lately. Can you believe my feet don't touch?! I swear, in my "free" time I'm gonna design a chair for short people. ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, back to danger ... I'm also in danger at this particular moment of being attacked by an army of superheroes who have been ready to go to the pool for "like 18 hours". They're waiting on me to come up with something to write for this sneak peek.

So I've been sitting here...looking at my screen...trying to force my brain to work.

It won't.

I think that it might be dangerous to try to force it to work in this heat. Don't you think? Yes, I thought so.

So I have nothing profound to share with you this time. Just that this little girl was so much fun. She let us play with lots of hats, baskets, dresses...etc. See - here's another danger factor...I photograph these sweet little angels all the time and it almost makes me forget that I don't want another baby. {almost} 'Cause the truth is...if I had another baby...I'd only be adding to the army of superheroes who are threatening an attack at this moment.

I have to mention that this little girl just moved to Kansas. And she had ruby red slippers...oh KNOW I had to play with THAT.

baby fat rolls! it doesn't get much sweeter than this.

would you check out those smushed lips?!


JWCfotos said...

You are exceptionally good at what you do. Wow, these photos are wonderful.

Carmen said...

: ) thank you! you have made my week.