Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh The Eyelashes

Seriously - you have to see these eyelashes.  "B" came to see me for his one year pictures last weekend.  This baby's eyes melt me.

He was in a great mood for his pictures and I had so much fun with him, as usual.  He is such a happy baby.  We spent the first half of the session outside at the waterfall and nature trail (same spot we did Mom's maternity pictures a year ago) and then moved into the studio for some essential one year shots.  

The most popular of all one year pictures is the "cake series."  This is where I sacrifice my studio floor for the sake of a one year old mauling a birthday cake.  I get mixed reactions from the babies - as we've all seen with our own children.  Some dig in, others are scared and others don't like the feeling of it on their hands.  Regardless of the reaction, the pictures are always great.  BUT I have to say that baby "B" has topped everyone as of yet.  He really dug in - and we got some great shots of it!  Thanks "B" for coming to visit again!  Enjoy your sneak peek "S" family.

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