Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mother Nature is Strange

The last two weekends in October and the first weekend in November are my busiest weekends of the entire year.  Everybody wants the fall color and this is when it appears (contrary to popular opinion that it appears in early October).  So the color is here and Christmas is around the corner and that means that I - am - swamped.  Please forgive me if it takes me a little longer than usual to get back to every one's email and voicemail - or if I sound a tad delirious when you talk to me!

Back to the fall color discussion.  Mother nature shocked me this weekend.  Saturday morning started out at Antioch Park where the color was fantastic.  Then I pulled up to Loose Park for this session and was shocked to see - green.  Lots of green and not much red,  yellow or orange.  How strange that two parks not terribly far apart could look so different on the same day.  We did manage to find a few spots with some color, but not much.  I'm so sorry "Y" family that the Mother nature played games with us!  Hey - at least green is always a good color, right?!

Here is your sneak peek.  Thanks for spending a few hours with me in the park.  I enjoyed meeting all of you.

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