Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Fun Little Challenge

I had a session on Thursday that was a bit of a challenge.  
Let me explain.  
There were some concerns coming into this session - not on my part but on Mom & Dad's.  It seems that little "A" has given them a run for their money in previous photo sessions.  Now, keep in mind that just about every session with children gives me a bit of a challenge.  There haven't been too many kids that come into their sessions jumping with joy at the thought of spending two hours with me and my camera.  Most challenges consist of kids that would rather be playing and being wild than sitting for a nice little smiley picture.  They're kids and that's what kids do - and I've learned how to deal with that (most of the time anyway).  But let me tell you about a few other kids that have come in.  The shy ones.  The ones that aren't sure about me and certainly aren't going to buy into my making faces, saying silly words and putting my shoes on my head act.  These are the real challenges.  The super sweet shy little guys.  Well, "A" fell into this category.

This is how we started the session

And yes, that's Mom's shoulder you see on the right side of the photo.  Look at those sweet eyes - those sweet, "I don't trust you, please go away you strange lady" eyes.

So I focused on sister a little.  Now, she was not shy and not afraid of my camera a bit.  Which worked great 'cause I could do her pictures and "A" could just sit and observe from the safety of Mom's hip that I wasn't doing harm.

Ok, so back to "A" - he's warming up now (but still on Mom's hip)

And then, I think he knew that my memory cards were almost full and this is what happened as we neared the end of the session (notice he's not on Mom's hip anymore!) -

Why am I telling you this?  Because I want you to know that even if you think your child is at a difficult stage for photos (be it the wild or the shy variety), give a session a try.  You don't want to miss documenting a time in your child's life and you would be surprised at the shots we can get (especially as my memory cards get to be just about full!).

And for you - "C" family -  I thoroughly enjoyed our session.  The shy ones warm my heart (not to say that the non-shy ones, like big sister, don't) and I always love a "challenge." Enjoy your sneak peek.  I hope you are as happy with the results as I am.

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