Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Friend's Blessing

Every so often I get the opportunity to photograph a friend's new baby.  I am double lucky this month as two of my friends will be welcoming new arrivals!

The first of the two has arrived and came to see me a few days after coming home from the hospital.  They have two girls and now God has blessed them with a BOY (well, of course he did - it appears to be the year of the boy around here).

Speaking of blessings - it's no secret that photos of newborns with their siblings are challenging.  Oh, I've seen just about everything when it comes to this little situation.  Screaming, playing shy, refusing to go anywhere near the baby, shoving binky after binky into the baby's mouth, hitting the baby (go ahead and gasp - and then realize that it's quite common) and my fave - licking the baby (uh huh - it happened).  But these two little girls did exactly what was asked of them and even spent some time whispering into baby "R"s ear when he would get upset.  What dolls!  What a blessing for Mom to not have to be stressed over this setup!

Welcome to the world little "R" ... and thanks for coming to see me!

and, of course, we had to get a sister shot -


Anonymous said...

My heart. I miss them. These are just beautiful, Carmen.

Katie said...

I can't thank you enough for these beautiful pics.. I am loving each and every one! You are truly a talented artist!

Holly said...

Great job Carmen!!! Love them. Baby still nestling in my tummy! - Holly