Thursday, September 10, 2009

{3} continued

Did you read the entry "3"?  If you did, you knew this was coming.  As promised the "C" family met up with me again last weekend with all three kiddos this time.  And, as promised, the oldest of the 3 is just as adorable as the younger 2.

You'll notice there are more pix of the oldest (whom I will now refer to as "A1") than "A" and baby "L."  That's because he was in school at the last session so I {of course} had to give him a little special attention!  And who could refuse giving him special attention anyway?!  I mean - just look at those glasses!  So adorable and almost grown up!  He looks like he could be heading off to college instead of Kindergarten ...
ok, maybe not quite college - don't panic Mom!

Oh - and of course - the pettiskirt returns!  Mom was a tiny bit worried that people might think she only dresses "A" in pettis.  Let me just clarify - she does wear "normal" clothes when she's not in front of my camera.  But - to be honest - if I had a girl I might just do exactly that.  Dress her in only pettiskirts and tutus, that is.

So drrrrumrollll... here is "A1"s first appearance on my blog

see?  I told you he was adorable!

heading off to college ; )

and now, all 3 of the {3}...

kisses for baby "L"

look! "A" is jumping for joy (or just done holding still - yup I think that's it)

and - so you can see how much he's grown this month - baby "L"

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