Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Laugh

Do you have memories of picture day from your childhood?  You probably do, and it probably goes something like this - 
Mom scrubs you down in the tub as you squeal about how she's ripping your skin off.  Then you are dressed in a frilly dress, tights and white shiny shoes or a very constricting mini version of Dad's suit with black shiny shoes.  You are then placed carefully into the family car and told not to touch anyone, put your hands in your lap, don't move - don't even look at each other.  'Cause if you do and you get yourself or your siblings dirty Mom's gonna have your hyde.  Then you arrive at a studio - dark inside with walls covered in rugs, wooden boxes of all sizes and backdrops with scenery painted on them.  Everyone is placed in a specific position - again, don't move and for goodness sake - stand up straight.  Ok now here comes my favorite part ... everyone say CHEEEEEESSSEEE.  *Click* - ok we're done.  Everyone looks stressed and has weird smiles but we're all looking at the camera and Mom and Grandma are happy.  Time for lunch.

First, let me just say, there's nothing wrong with that memory.  There's nothing wrong with that picture.  There's nothing wrong with that dark studio.  Nothing.  Unless it's not your style.  Unless it just doesn't fit your family.   If it doesn't - come see me.  If it does and you want to say cheese - please go to that studio and don't come see me.   Don't get me wrong - I'd love to spend time with you, meet you, chat about you - 'cause I love people.  But don't come to me for pictures.  You'll be disappointed.  I don't believe in cheese.  Nope.  I believe in playing air guitar, jumping, bubbles, pillow fights, laughing hysterically 'cause we said "poop" (come on - it's funny and you know it) and when necessary lying to your kids about a butterfly inside my lens so that they'll look at me for a split second.

This doesn't mean I won't pose your family.  I probably will - for a few shots.  'Cause we still have to make Grandma happy (she's still the boss - and always will be).  But I'll also tell you to just laugh.  Laugh at something - have fun - don't be afraid to laugh.  'Cause when you do ... you get this...

oh don't worry - we'll still get this...

and, by all means - don't just laugh on picture day.  Laugh 'cause it's good for you - 'cause it makes the world a better place.  For sure - laugh at these three kiddos - 'cause they're stinkin' funny.

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Kim said...

Love all the photos you posted. Such a fun day! Thanks for sharing!