Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crazy with a lot of Pix

It's crazy out here people.  By "out here" - I mean in the photog world.  Crazy crazy - {holy no sleep Batman} kinda crazy.  Our busy season has officially started.  Fall is coming ... it's roaring in unusually fast here in northern Kansas... and Christmas is just around the corner (my boys are already watching The Polar Express religiously every evening).  If you haven't booked your fall session yet, you're gonna want to call tomorrow morning.  Seriously.  There's not many openings left.  There are holiday card designs to preview for you, deadlines to list and lots of fun announcements coming up.  But I don't have time to chat about that right now.  I'm just here unloading cards, charging batteries and getting ready to run back out the door for another session.

I want to tell you all about this fun family... tell you how funny the youngest is ... how cooperative they all were ... tell you about how long they waited for their session 'cause it just kept RAINING on us...  I want to tell you about it but I can't.  I'm running out the door 'cause remember it's {holy no sleep Batman} time.  I gotta go shoot some more people in a field.  Because I feel bad about not telling you about this family, I'm gonna post lots of pix of them for the sneak peek.

Speaking of Batman...I could use the Batmobile right now ... and a set of wings and superhero powers...

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