Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Formal Affair

I've been holding this one in for a while.  She wanted the images on the birth announcement to be a surprise - so I had to keep my lips sealed (I guess it wouldn't be my lips ... my fingers were the ones that had to be quiet).  For those of you who know me well, you know how hard this was for me.  I loooovvvee surprises but I have a hard time holding a stunning image in - it's hard keeping it quiet.

Well silence is no longer necessary.  The announcements have been sent out and I get to share now.

It's not often that a client offers up a naked baby in a field.  I usually have to convince someone ... practically beg them ... to let me take their sweet newborn, strip them down and lay them in a chair outside.  Well there was no convincing needed this time!  She already had the image in mind (yes, she is also the artsy type).  I wish I could take credit for the setup here - but all I did was carry out the image in her head.

Thank you "C" for sharing your beautiful children and idea with me!  It was a pleasure.  And thank you to my friend Kami ( ) for sharing her fantastic blue chair with us!


Kami said...

Girlfriend, you ROCKED this session!!!!! I LURRRVE IT!! Fantastic compositions and awesome post-processing. So great! Mom should be absolutely ecstatic. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes you did rock it!!!! Soooo impressed! and Kami and guys need to stop working those late night hours....get some beauty rest!!:) Thanks-C