Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reasons I Can't Write {Kansas City Baby Photographer}

I need to write something profound.

But I can't.

It's not in me.


Let's start with #1 - it's 3:35 in the morning

Then there's the been-working-since-6am-straight excuse

And I need to finish up my work so I can pack for the "Oklahoma Tour" - gotta leave in a few hours

I need coffee to write and, well, it's 3:35am. Should I find the time to sleep... I'd like to fall asleep instead of staring at my ceiling angry 'cause I need to sleep and can't.

I'm hungry. Can't eat 'cause I saw a photo of myself this weekend. No late night food for me.

And there's the possibility that what everyone has always suspected may actually be true...
I am, in fact, truly blonde.

So I'm just gonna post the photos - that's what you're after anyway, isn't it? Not really my profound writing.

All the same - I'll get some sleep this week since I can't process photos on my laptop in Oklahoma. I'll eat something too. And I'll be ready for coffee and profoundness when I get back to Kansas.


crystal said...

okay..seriously how am I going to chose???? AMAZING

Carmen said...

Oh Crystal...wait 'til you see the rest! He did so well!