Monday, June 7, 2010

Barns & Fields & Stereotypes


You know them. Living in the midwest certainly opens you up for being the target of a stereotype. There are people (oh yes - there really are - I've met them) who think we {midwesterners} ride our horses to work each day. When we moved to Florida from Oklahoma - I can't tell you how many times we were asked if we lived in a teepee while in Oklahoma. For the locals here in Kansas - how many times have you talked to someone living elsewhere in the country to find they think we all get hit by tornadoes weekly, live in farm houses and that we don't have neighborhoods, running water or *gasp* Starbucks & Anthropologie?!

Now, I have to be fair. Midwesterners can build up their own stereotypes. Just because I lived in Florida doesn't mean I have seen a shark up close and personal. Texas is not one big desert. I promise. My friends and family who have lived in California do not know how to surf. The English guy I used to work with hated tea. etc etc. You get what I'm saying.

But in spite of most stereotypes being somewhat inaccurate, they do surface from somewhere. Sharks do swim the waters around Florida, Texas does have a desert climate in some areas, California does have significantly more surfers than Kansas ... and Kansas - well - we have a good share of farm houses, barns and prairies.

I happen to think it makes us diverse. Not too many areas have 8 lane highways, spanish premium shopping districts & Starbucks - all neighbored by historic barns, prairies of tall grass and old farm houses - some falling apart, weathered by the snow, wind and tornadoes and some still beautifully maintained and used.

What better session backdrop for someone living in KC than a barn and prairie - kindly welcomed in by the owners with the typical attitude of the area - "absolutely neighbor - come on over and use what you need"

That's a stereotype too - but that's ok. We like having that stereotype.

Say hello to baby "M"

his big brother "J"
and the princess, "B"
by the way - he's 1! You saw him here on the blog last year.


Kami said...

FABULOUS work!!!!

Sarah Maxey Photography said...

These are beautiful! I love the last three...gorgeous!

Jamie said...

love these! nice work friend!

Josh said...

thanks carmen! How cute are they:)