Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Girl with Many Hats

I'm not a hat girl - if you see me with a hat on, it's because it's a really *really* bad hair day. Hats and me, we don't get along. I wish we did. I admire them - constantly convince myself that I can wear them when I see someone else wearing one - and have a tendency to purchase them only to remember that I don't look good in them. sighhh.

But hats and babies? Well - now that's where I stray from the not-a-hat-girl stance. I love babies in hats. Don't know why ... maybe because all three of my children refuse to wear them? Probably. Yes - that must be it. Or maybe I'm pushing my desire to look good in hats off onto these little peanuts who have no choice and always always make them look good.

Ok, enough psychology for today kids. Let's get to the good stuff. A peanut who, bless her heart, put up with me and my hat obsession. Imagine my total glee when her mamma showed up with more hats to play with. And in non-traditional girl colors. Oh what fun. Seriously. My heart is filled with hat joy. : )

an interruption for another love of mine...baby toes...love me some baby toes
ok, now back to hats

hey! She has a big brother - he has eyes that melt me. I didn't put my hats on him - much to his relief.

in spite of my hat love, I also love baby noggins...especially when they are covered with sweet red hair

one last hat to wrap it all up

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