Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Formal and the Not-So Formal

Guess what? It's tomorrow.

And it's time to blog for sweet, patient "B."

"B"s family just moved here from The South - yes, I just capitalized that as if it were it's own state. The South. ahhhhh. I can almost feel the warmth and humidity as I say it out loud.

And then I open my eyes and realize I'm freezing. Can barely feel my fingers. In May. This, my friends, is not The South.

Not that KC isn't a fab place - it absolutely IS - it just would be a lot more fab if it were warmer right now. And if I could find a legit tex-mex place...but that's a topic for a different day.

Where I'm going with this is that The South is fascinating to me. Mostly because there are so many formal traditions - which are followed up closely with very non-formal things. Like wearing an amazing Easter dress - complete with hat and all - and then meeting at Grandma's after Church to eat fried chicken. muuwahhhh to the people who invented that tradition.

So "B"s session started out with an attempt to match a few formal shots she has of her older two children for the 1 yr old.

awww - isn't that sweet and linen-y and southern and kinda formal?

mmmhmmmm - this is reality...

kinda like the full on mini-suit that little boys wear to church - only to walk out the chapel doors and roll in the grass and mud.

There are more "formal" shots...but I wanted to show what happened after the formal shots. 'Cause that, my friends, is magic.

I was being attacked by lightsabers : )

the look of trouble


Brooke Graessle said...


They are amazing! We can't wait to see the rest. You should have called at 1:15 - I'm sure we were up with one of the kids. Thanks so much.

Angie said...

Speaking of "The South" - we're down here in Houston with 90 degree temps and ready for you to come photograph our family. My 4 yr old's lashes are just begging to be captured by a pro...