Saturday, November 21, 2009

Waiting on Santa {better not pout}

Doesn't this look like they fell asleep waiting to catch a glimpse of the man in the red suit?!

The leaves have fallen and we are now past the fall sessions. The much-coveted fall color photos have been shot and are being processed. The Christmas preparations have begun and the children now show up for their sessions - not talking about pumpkins and costumes - but chatting with me about Santa. Will he come? What would he like to snack on when he makes his stop at their house? {sugar cookies and Starbucks of course} What will he bring?

If you ask my kids - he's not stopping at our house. Santa sent an official notification this morning that my children have been moved to the naughty list. They have one month to redeem themselves. Am I an evil Mom? Probably. Will Santa appear at our house? Of course he will.

Will Santa appear at your house? Santa makes deliveries for big kids too, you know. It turns out that I am an official Santa Elf for big kids. Is a session with me on someone's list that you know? I have gift certificates officially approved by Santa's staff. Already had a session but someone you know wants that huge canvas from the session? I can help. Want a great grandparent gift? Oh I have plenty of those. Men - want the easiest Christmas gift you've ever given your wife? Call me - I know what she wants. We'll take care of your Mom too, while we're at it. The best part? No malls. Just a phone call or email.

So will Santa appear for these girls? Oh, I'm sure he will. Some of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. Of course, I'm biased. They were also one of my very first clients ever. And they happen to have terrific parents whom we are so blessed to have as dear friends. Thank you, "L" family, for allowing me to {once again} photograph your beautiful family. We had fun. I'll be picking confetti up off my floor for the next three years. I found some in my studio refrigerator the other day. I laughed - sounded a little like "HO HO HO". Oh wait - that's Santa's laugh - I'm an elf. What does an Elf's laugh sound like?

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