Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mirror Image

Are you ever out and about and see someone... and you think "oh...that must be what I look like." Now, I don't mean your physical appearance. I mean - like when I see a mother with infant twins - I think "oh...that must have been what I looked like when the twins were little." {that would be tired, wearing sweats and balancing two babies and two bottles while pushing a shopping cart}.

When this family showed up for their session - I thought "oh! this is exactly opposite of what my family must look like!" Three girls. Girly girly girls. Basically the same ages as my kids. So, I guess that wouldn't be opposite - but follow with me anyway. The girls hugged each other, sang, danced and had plenty of information on Hannah Montana to share with me. Now see - I told you - opposite. My boys wrestle, make strange noises and have plenty of information on Star Wars. {don't read this wrong - I still LOVE being a boy momma}

The other opposite? These three were perfectly well behaved. Mine {lately} have been perfectly naughty.

I won't elaborate any more. It's 2am. On Sunday. On Thanksgiving weekend. I am now headed to bed people! "T" family, enjoy your sneak peek and thank you for a fun afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Love the colors! Gorgeous, Carmen!
-Shelly Todd

Emily T. said...

It's a good thing you were there to photograph the 'good behavior' because otherwise I might not remember it! (Girl mommmies break up their share of wrestling matches too..with hair pulling!)--I am amazed at your 'spot-on' raw are truly an artist!