Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad Day at the Studio

Have you ever been locked down - held helpless - by technology?

It's not fun.

It seems the hard drive for the studio computer has failed.  At the worst possible moment.

If you are a customer, please do not panic.  Your files have been backed up.

So, if the files have been backed up, how does this affect you?  All I have for a computer at the moment is an old laptop that can not handle the size files my camera takes.  It's also too old to run current versions of my software.  Basically, I can blog and I can receive email on my iPod but I can't work on photos.  I will be behind with sneak peeks and proofs.  Please know that I will work like I've never worked before (hard to imagine  - I guess I'll only be getting 2 hours of sleep at night instead of my normal 4) once I get my computer back to get all proofs finished and all orders printed in time for the holidays.

Also, please know that this happens.  If it's ever happened to you - you know that you can do everything to prevent it and it can still happen.  This is why we back up on very expensive drives.  If you haven't backed up your computer recently - do yourself a favor and do so right now.  Just a friendly tip from ccphotodesign!

I will keep everyone updated on the situation here (on the blog) as well as the studio's facebook page.  Feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your understanding.

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