Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fog, Friends and Camels

Wow.  Did you see the fog on Saturday?  Of course you did.  Wow.  I mean, I've seen fog around here but I haven't seen it so thick that I miss my exit 'cause I can't see (it was the fog - that's my story and I'm stickin' to it - it has nothing to do with my hair color!).  Anyway, forgive me "E" family for being a few minutes late 'cause of that little exit problem!

You've seen these guys before - well most of them anyway.  They are all over my blog and website.  There's two reasons for this - one is that they are friends and constantly willing to be guinea pigs for any experiment I'm doing and the other is that they are so very photogenic.  Really - it's amazing - they always take good pictures.

"K" scheduled a session for her family - with the specific intention of replicating a photo from several years ago.  Why replicate it?  Well, they've added another little face since the last shot like this.

the original-

The 2008 version-
And here they are in the fog - 

These guys are always fun at their sessions and they certainly didn't fail me this time.  Little "A" cracked me up.  This is how we got her to smile - "what does a camel say?"  I'm not really sure how to type out what her response was but let's just say it was hilarious and she knew is was hilarious - so she would smile after demonstrating her camel sound.  So funny.  And the boys, well they are just always a crack-up.  Thanks "E" family for a great Saturday morning.  Here's the rest of your sneak peek.

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Kim McCombs said...

Awesome photos Carmen. I had to look at these after seeing K at the soccer game last Saturday after photos.