Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Speaking of Change

There's been a lot of talk about change lately.  Change in politics, change in the economy, changes in the environment and change in the way we all react to the first three things mentioned ... etc...

I want to talk about change in the business.  They say that if a business doesn't constantly change to meet the customers' newest needs, as well as it's own, the business will be dead.  Indeed, if there is no change then your are stagnant and stagnant is pretty close to dead.  I haven't had many changes in the last two years.  Oh sure, I built a studio and changed how I show proofs, but for the most part things have stayed the same.  I wouldn't say that things are stagnant (check out the dark circles under my eyes and the large cup of coffee in my hand and you will quickly realize that things are hardly stagnant around here) but I certainly think it's time for change.  Change is good and I think in the long run this will make everybody's portrait experience even better.

So, my friends, change is coming.  Starting January 1st there will be changes in policies, pricing and products offered.  Now before you flip out about pricing - hear me out.  There will be an increase in the session fee and the prices for a few products BUT there will also be price reductions on some products as well as lots of package options to save you money.  There will be some products that I will no longer be offering and some new products to take their place.  Policy changes will also go into effect on January 1st.  The policy changes are being put into place to save you and me (and my family) any potential headaches.

So what are these changes specifically?  I will post the details after I get through the holiday rush (there are only so many hours in one day and so many cups of coffee I can drink in that time).  I just wanted to give everyone a warning that change really is coming - at least here at the studio.  Whether there will truly be change in the other things mentioned is yet to be seen.  All I have control over is the change here in the studio and I will be sure to update you on the specifics soon.

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