Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Now, before I say what I'm going to say about this session, I want everyone to realize that every session EVERY single one is fun for me in it's own individual way.  Each customer - specifically each child - has their own personality that I enjoy and work very hard to capture in my photos.

That said, this session was really really fun for me.  Two reasons for this -

The first is that "K" is also an artist.  We artists, we have visions.  We see things a little differently from the rest of the world.  That's why we're artists.  We see something in a worn out old building.  We see a lot in it actually.  Which is why I knew that "K" would be all over the kind of session I've been trying to convince my customers to try.  Nobody has taken me up on it - I get awkward pauses on the phone or a kind re-direction to a lovely green location when I suggest it.  So many people are hung up on photographs with flowers and green grass in the background.  Those are beautiful and there's nothing wrong with them (I have plenty of those of my own children) BUT sometimes there's art to be found in other areas.  Sometimes, you should try something different.  The "M" family and I met in downtown KC and we saw lots and lots of great stuff.  So now, here's some samples of an urban session for you skeptics out there.  I will be expecting more of you to meet me in downtown now!

Ok, and the second reason I loved this session is that every time I photograph these kids it's like stepping back 25 years.  Again with the vision - just a different kind of vision this time.  I am the oldest child in my family and I have two younger brothers.  We are the same distance apart as these kiddos and our personalities are a lot like each of theirs.  I giggle the entire time I shoot their session.  I recognize the jokes and the fights (mostly the fights).  I also recognize the warnings from Mom and Dad.  Really, it's like peaking through our window 25 years ago and it's completely amusing to me!

I've blabbed on enough now.  Enjoy your sneak peek "M" family and thanks for an afternoon of vision and giggles!

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