Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Happens at a First Birthday Session? [Kansas City Baby Photographer]

First we start with warming up. Let's face it - most kids at this age are scared of me. 'Cause I'm not Mom.

By the way..."warm up" time is part of why my sessions last so long. Rare is the child who steps out of the car ready for me to shoot a picture.

They rank up there with the children who actually eat their broccoli in its original form, un-bribed.

So we play a little with Mom close by.

Eventually most kiddos warm up and we are singing, clapping and laughing at my weird faces. Keep in mind that this magic typically happens after the first 45 minutes. Or more. Uh huh...don't be in a hurry if you're gonna shoot a 1 year old with me.

But after we get enough shots to give Grandma a hard time choosing one (or four) for her Grandbaby wall and give Mom a few sleepless nights while she debates if she wants the big two-tooth smile or the contemplative eyes in 30x40 format on the family living room wall ...

we move on to the most important aspect of a First Birthday Session...


and Flour.
and Dye.

All things that are ohhhh so bad for you.

But ohhhhh so good

But Bad.

But it's ok ... 'cause they're only 1 once!

And 'cause I have a studio bathtub.

So all that sugar and flour and dye are long-gone by the time you strap your very sleepy baby into their carseat and head off into the sunset.


Natalie said...

I LOVE the bath one with his little hand in the water, he loves running water. The one of him peaking behind the balloon is great too. They are all great! Thanks, Carmen. My sister said, "that lady is amazing!"

Kami said...

I LOVE this!!

Carmen said...

thanks girls! Natalie - I just have amazing subjects ; )