Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tomorrow [life of a photographer]

There are so many things to chat about. And I will. Starting tomorrow.

Gee - there's the story of my life. {tomorrow}

See, I promised "B" that I would have her sneak peek up by today. Oh I had the best intentions. But today was one of those days. You know the ones - everything takes 5x longer than it should, everything you touch falls apart and requires immediate attention...including the baby...

So I don't have a sneak peek ready.

nope nope.

And it's 1:14am. And I'm tired. Really. Tired. And I just realized that baby's last day of preschool is tomorrow and I don't have a teacher's I get to get up earlier than usual to take care of that. Yay. (aren't you glad you're not my child's teacher?!)

So - dear dear lovely "B"...TOMORROW. Tomorrow is the day.

but wait.

I can't resist.

Night all. See you...

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