Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Eyelashes

You all know him - well know his face anyway - 'cause everyone everyone notices this little boy's lashes.  He payed me a visit again last week.  Oh the lashes.

I should say something about his sweet personality too - I mean all we ever talk about are his lashes.  So - you should also know that he is so so sweet.  I found out this time that he really likes "choo choo" trains.  I'm not sure I've heard someone so little say choo choo before - hilarious.  But, while he likes choo choo trains, nothing makes him smile like his grandpa's sneezes.  Grandpa doesn't know it yet - but he is now required to come along on all of "B"'s sessions!

Enjoy your sneak peek "S" family!  And thanks for a great Saturday morning at the Market!

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