Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sometimes It's a Roller Coaster

Just like your life with a baby/toddler/younger child ... a portrait session can be a roller coaster. Oh there's the rare session where the child is perfectly happy and cooperative the entire time. But seriously - rare.

Here's what you need to know about me. I'm probably gonna capture the ups and the downs of the roller coaster. The twists, turns and even the upside-down-loops.

Oh, I realize that at that moment you're not seeing the humor or the beautiful reality of the ride. I realize this because I have kids too. Listen, I am familiar with the roller coaster. (ehhemmm...I may or may not have had security visit me in the parking lot of a particularly large retail store due to others' concerns for a screaming, writhing child in my general area while I sat and quietly waited on it to pass...{cough}). Yes. I know the roller coaster.

But there are funny moments and sweet moments during the ride. And my fingers can't help but hit the shutter release when those moments appear. Because the roller coaster is our life right now. And what a sweet life it is.

And don't you just love the thrill of the ride? You laugh when you get to the end, don't you? Even if you were screaming and clinging on for dear life just seconds ago.

So brace yourself for the ride. Don't kid yourself into thinking it'll be the kiddie ride (you know the one...the little caterpillar that barely moves). Maybe it will be. Probably not.

And when we start down that hill where you can see the free-fall in front of you ... you will probably hear the click of the shutter.

Consider yourself warned.

Check out the roller coaster - (what isn't pictured is the moment we both realized we couldn't find the car keys...for the car that was just driven to the spot where we were standing. Only 2 moms of toddlers would be found crawling through a car, under a car etc ... looking for the keys that were in hand 2 seconds ago)

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