Sunday, October 24, 2010


As promised - more from the boy with the beautiful eyes. The things is ... he has a sister with the same eyes. And a great family. And a dog. Wait ... no ...

There's this dog...and she has this boy with amazing eyes. She also has a girl with stunning eyes and the funniest little personality.

If you have a dog, you realize why I needed to re-word that.

I have dogs. I love dogs. I haven't always. It's not that I ever had a distaste for them. I just didn't grow up with one. But then I married a dog lover. And that dog lover talked about how much he missed his dogs. So when we bought our first home, I knew ... knew that I had to get him a dog. What I didn't know was how much my life would change the day we drove out to the country to meet a breeder...and I watched this tiny puppy follow my husband around, wouldn't let him out of her sight, was on his heels the entire time. She came home with us that day {duh} and changed our lives.

Some of the change involved chewed shoes, carpet, air conditioner, grill (as in the kind you cook burgers on ... uh huh), fences, plants, trees, wild kittens... shall I go on? Oh - wait - let's not forget the couch she turned into fluff all over our living room while we were at work and she broke out of her kennel. That'd be the instance that caused us to drive out to the country again. And come home with yet another puppy.

'Cause you solve one problem by multiplying it, right? yeah.

It worked though. Far less chewing went down after that. Our neighbors thanked us. Our bank account thanked us. My home interior breathed a sigh of relief and I was able to finally have a full set of shoes.

2 years later we gave those dogs their own boys. And if I thought my life had changed {big change}

My heart swells watching my dogs with their boys (to their total delight we added one more boy a few years ago). There aren't too many things better than watching that crowd play together.

So all that leads me to this family's session. They bring their dog each year. I love it. Love that they are dog people like us. Love watching her interact with her people.

Don't be afraid to bring your dog to your session. Warn me first! But seriously - look at what we get...

The session isn't all about the dog (don't tell her that). What you have to know about the following shots is this... I'm a health food girl. I pay attention to nutrition and find serious importance in it. But I need to be better. Wish I could be more disciplined about it. Well "S" is the most health-minded genius I know. I knew I had to do something around this for their we had apples in the park. I loved how her kids were so excited about getting an apple from me (they informed me that apples are full of phytonutrients - HA! awesome!). Almost as much as I loved watching them interact with their dog.

and just because I think this might be the best family shot evvvver...

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