Friday, September 17, 2010

Certifiably Insane

These are the only words I can think to truly describe the two women involved in these photos.

Yes, I am one of the two.

The other is {obviously} nearly as crazy as me.

If you have followed me for some time, you know that I have this one client. She's quite the creative one. We do a session in the fall every year. Every. Single. Year. (much to her husband's dismay). Each year - the day after we shoot her session - I begin thinking of how I'm gonna top it for next year.

Well this year the timing had to be perfect - because it involved the carnival. Darn carnival only runs Thurs-Saturday and guess what days out of the week a family with three school-age kids has sports etc.? That's right ... Thurs-Saturday. Sunday would have been great. Too bad we would have been the only ones there on Sunday. Well no - that's not true - it would have been us and the clean-up crew. Not exactly the photo-opp we were looking for.

So, being the stubborn creative types that we are, we figured out that if we met at a certain hour on Thursday we could make it work. We would have to move quickly and dear husband would have to be excluded from the shoot. Kids only. He was very disappointed I tell you. He's probably still crying right now over missing this shoot.

Well guess what?


That's what.

We spent the day on the phone with each other and stalking Gary Lezak {local weatherman - only guy I'll watch, btw}. Do we go for it? Do we not? It will be another year before this comes to town again. Look - it's slowing down to a drizzle! Just how crazy are we?

Turns out - very. Certifiably insane.

'Cause we went for it.

I stopped and loaded up on umbrellas on the way. Good thing. 'Cause we had an umbrella over each kid and an umbrella over my camera the whole time. We were a vision - kids all dressed up, hauling 72 umbrellas around (ok, ok - maybe not quite that many) and me laying on the ground in the drizzle to get the shots. Have you ever looked around at a fair or carnival? Interesting people, no? To say we stuck out like sore thumbs would be a huge understatement.

But we had fun. Ok, the kids had fun. Me & "Miss K" ... well ... when you're certifiably insane can you really judge just how much fun you did or did not have?

And guess what? We decided that we just couldn't stand to have her husband miss all the fun for an entire year - so we're gonna do another one later in the fall. One with their whole family. Not the carnival. And no rain. Or drizzle. I bet her husband is jumping for joy right now. Just giddy with excitement that we found a way to include him once again this year.

*important disclaimer* I will not shoot a session in weather that will make it impossible for me to protect my equipment or be dangerous to your children. The weather in this session involved zero risk to the kids and was a situation that my equipment could be protected. It was, in fact, a rare instance.


Sarah Maxey Photography said...

Ok, I totally love these!! You rocked it, even in the rain!! Love.them.all.

And that girl looks just like Kirsten Dunst...only prettier :)

Carmen said...

Thanks! And yes - she really does look like Kirsten Dunst, doesn't she?!