Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brain Food

I need some. No, really - I need some brain food pronto. What is it about allergies that causes all intelligent thought to drain right out of your head? Why in the world would a perfectly sane {well, relatively} person sit in front of her computer screen for hours upon hours ... waiting on the big bright screen to inspire her ... to give her the perfect topic to blog about for a sneak peek? I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and it's not working. So coffee appears to not be the brain food I need today (doesn't mean I won't continue to try it though). I tried nutella. Nope. Dark Chocolate peanut butter. Nope. The pantry & fridge are pretty close to I'm running low on ideas here. The package of "potty-training M&Ms" {Peyton's} is staring at me. I keep telling it to go away. The package of saltines is staring at me too. I keep telling it that it's not my friend until I return from my trip to the beach.

That's right ... I'm now talking to food and expecting a response. This could all be do to the 6 ... that's right SIX... allergy meds I'm on at the moment.

Consider this a warning ... all clients scheduled for the next 5 days ... this blog post is your warning. I may not make much sense at our up-coming session. I might even do the chicken dance. If I get a glazed over look on my face ... well ... just don't feed me a saltine. There's a beach trip in my very near future...

Wait ... there it is ... brain food! Beach trip + husband - kids = brain food. That's good news for everyone scheduled for the week I get back. This week's clients ... well ... just snap your fingers in front of my face and remind me of my up-coming brain food.

"Y" family - I present your "peek." And I apologize for a lack of thought-provoking chat to go along with the peek. But I figure, if anyone can sympathize with my fatigue and surprising moments of being lost in space ... well ... it would definitely be the parents of a newborn and 2yr old. Yes, I'm sure you can sympathize with me!

the new big brother and I had some play time while baby was eating...what a ham!

now, I realize that some may be slightly taken off-guard by me posting a baby bottom on here. I apologize if you have been taken off-guard. But c'mon ... is there anything much cuter than the little bullet-bottom of a newborn?! When else in life is it so adorable to have dimples and fat rolls?!

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