Thursday, August 5, 2010

The First Fall Image and Curls

Ok, well it's sorta the first Fall image. They were wearing Fall clothes and we shot in the morning and it gave those first images a warm glow... so it's the first Fall image...even though it was shot in the crazy heat of August. {crazy} HEAT.

But you know what heat & humidity give us? Adorable baby curls. That's what.

Little guy gave us a few images in his Fall gear (as Mom & Dad were melting...hey, I was melting and I was in a tank top!)

But then we had to switch out to summer appropriate gear.

And as the heat began to take it's toll on all of us...

we moved on to less clothing (for the BABY...geez people) and a little sugar.

'cause sugar makes just about everyone a little happier...even in this crazy heat.

Happy Birthday Baby "W!"

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