Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are You Ready?

For Holiday Season? Ready for the craziness?

Yeah, me either.

But it's almost here. A few more days and Labor Day will be past us and thus the official start to Holiday Season in the children photography biz.

There are changes coming for Holiday Season. New things to talk about and older things to wish goodbye. (much like my life with a 2yr old at the moment...hello binky(paci)-free life...goodbye naptime).

We'll chat about these things very soon. Meanwhile, take a moment to peek through a sweet little 1yr old. She loves her pearls...good girl!

look at that look she's giving us - knows she shouldn't put the necklace in her mouth but let's be honest...she's 1...she's gonna do it anyway
hmmm...doesn't taste as good as expected

a happy birthday girl

cupcakes and piggies


Anonymous said...

I'm partial...but these are the sweetest, most precious pictures I have ever seen!! Thank you Carmen for all you did to capture our little girl!

Crystal said...

you are rockin it!! great pics