Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Reason I'm Here

Before you look at these photos... these are NOT professional photos. At all.

These are the photos taken of my twins when they were born. The miracles who survived a bumpy pregnancy.

Why am I sharing these? Because these photos, these boys, are the reason for CCPhotodesign. These photos are what I have of my 4lb and 5lb miracles. I couldn't {at that time...7 years's different now, obviously} find a photographer to take the photos I envisioned of these sweet boys. Lifestyle, boutique photography was just starting at the time - at least in KC - and I never got the photos I wanted of them. That's when I decided to jump {not feet first...but HEAD first} into this crazy crazy business.

7 years later there are lots of us lifestyle, boutique, custom photographers out here.

Many cringe, gasp or shiver when you see our prices. {We'll touch on the whys and hows of that topic tomorrow.} But for now...consider this. I would pay THROUGH MY NOSE to go back in time and have a pro capture my newborn twins. It's not about the price tag. It's about something so precious, so important that I wouldn't trust anyone else with the job.

This isn't just a plug for my business - yes, I would love to have you come to me for your custom boutique photography needs - but it is a plug for ALL custom photographers. I realize that snapshots (like the ones of my twins below) bring joy as well. But a professional photographer would have caught all the tiny details, all the facial the correct light and the beginning of my twins' life would have been art instead of a snapshot.

Happy 7th Birthday to the sweet miracles who brought me here. Who keep me going in the wee hours of the morning when everybody else is asleep and I am still working. Happy Birthday sweet sweet boys.

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