Tuesday, January 19, 2010

fastest session evvva

So SO cold. I mean really really cold. But we had planned this session and it had to be done 'cause they don't live here in the tundra. Here visiting only for a few days, we had to take the best day we were given and go FAST.

My fingers were numb, their noses were red but we were doin' ok. 'Til that moment when my brain, apparently, froze like the rest of my body.

"Hey B...why don't you jump off the table?" If you've been to one of my sessions, you know this is standard procedure for me. Bribery most of the time (because, before age and gravity take over jumping is still fun!)

But you see my friends, my brain was frozen and I forgot that this wasn't a standard session. no no. This was a session in frigid temps with 15 inches of snow on the ground...and on said table. So, being the obedient cooperative little client (aka my nephew)... B jumped. And landed square on his noggin. Thankfully there was 15 inches of snow to break his fall and shield his brain. Thankfully there wasn't even a bump. It did, however, end the outdoor portion of our session and land us in Starbucks for some hot chocolate. We headed back to the studio and finished up there. Where nobody's brain was damaged or frozen.

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