Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Session/Reservation Fee Announcement

Session fees have changed for 2010... the following will be the reservation fees (previously called session fees) for any sessions booked from today forward. If you have already booked a session for this year, the previous session fees will apply.

2010 Reservation Fees
Weekday sessions (Tues-Fri) - $175
Weekend sessions (Sat & Sun) - $225
Mini Sessions - $100

Reservation fees are due at booking.

Reservation fees cover artists' time and vision only. Session fees are valid for up to 6 people. $25 per person after that.

Weekday and Weekend sessions may be booked for either studio or location. Studio sessions are available for up to 3 subjects only.

Full sessions will include a design session prior to the shoot, the photo session lasting up to 2 hours (up to 4 hours for newborn) and an ordering session after the shoot.

Mini Sessions will last 25 minutes and do not include an ordering session. Design sessions for the minis will be over the phone or email only.

More details on pricing and packages for 2010 to follow shortly!

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