Tuesday, August 18, 2009


3 is a great number.  I have 3 kids, I come from a family of 3 kids, my husband comes from a family of 3 kids.  We are living - and plan to stay for quite some time - in our 3rd house.  We like 3.

So, that said, I was thrilled to see a long-time client a few days ago for a session full of 3.  You know their daughter.  She's the doll who graces the studio each year in a tutu and a sweet little shirt with the birthday number custom-sewn right on the front.  This year is her 3rd birthday and she did not let me down.  "A" arrived in yet another sweet tutu and number outfit.  "A" has an older brother who is just as adorable.  He had just started school, so you'll see him along with "A" ... AND her baby brother in just a few weeks.  That's right, "A" has a new baby brother.  And baby "L" makes ... you guessed it ...3.

We played in the studio for "A"s standard tutu bday pix and baby "L"s newborn pix.  Keep watching the blog to see them appear again with big brother in a few weeks when we go to downtown with the whole crew!

Thanks "C" family and congratulations on joining the 3s!  Enjoy your sneak peek!


Kami said...

Carmen -- these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Really, really nice work!!

Carmen said...

Thanks Kami! Notice the table and chair from JuJus!