Saturday, May 30, 2009

Like Mother, like son (behind the scenes)

I know, I KNOW I have totally neglected the blog lately!  Forgive me!  I'm about to flood it with new posts!

But first, I have to out my dear cousin.  Bless her and her sister's hearts ... they drove up here from Cape Girardeau!  That's quite a haul with little kids!  Then, as if that wasn't enough, they sat through a loooonng session.  Thanks girls for coming to see me!  Love our time together and love my time with the kiddos.

So, as I'm proofing their session I noticed this shot.  Had to laugh.  Check out my cousin just off "set" ... now look at her son's expression.  HA HA!  Gee... who does he take after?!  Ohhhh... please don't kill me "H!"

This post also answers a question I get often ... "where do you have all these colored walls?"  No walls - just a backdrop and a baseboard - and when you crop out the sides ... voila... looks like a wall.

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