Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So you think your kid is the only one that melts down at my sessions?  HA!  Just about every session has a meltdown.  Most of the time it's the kids - sometimes it's the parents.  They are all usually funny to me ('cause it's not my kids - trust me I understand why you're frustrated! I wouldn't laugh if it was mine melting) and the moment passes and we get great shots of them anyway (well, 99% of the time).

So, sometimes I go ahead and keep shooting through a meltdown.  Most of the time you are shocked when I do this.  Then you laugh at the pic in the proofs.  So - I thought I would share a few meltdowns! (and some great shots from the same session to prove that we really CAN get great shots even if they melt!)

This is a follow-up post from the previous post.  Same three kiddos.  Love 'em!

meltdown #1
meltdown #2
happy again!

ahhh... jeans, a tutu, fake beads and an old red trike ... what more does a girl need?

did I mention these guys are cousins - one month apart
and... drumrollllll... meltdown #3 (i.e.... how you know when the shoot is OVER!)

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